This is a question that many people ask when they are involved in some type of an unfortunate incident involving someone stepping or falling on their sidewalk or outside their home in New York. In New York City, the five boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx, and Staten Island) all have different laws pertaining to pedestrian accidents. In some cases the pedestrians may not even be aware of any sidewalk accidents taking place in front of their home or business. This means if you get involved in an accident on a sidewalk in New York you have a legal obligation to make sure that the other party is properly taken care of.

Causes of sidewalk accidents include: bad road, and sidewalk conditions, inadequate signage, lack of parking facilities, inadequate pavement lighting, wet conditions on the sidewalk due to rain, ice, snow, and more. Sidewalk accidents can lead to head injuries, fractures, or even death. Sidewalk accidents are very common and most drivers take great care when driving on the sidewalks. Most accidents occur in the evening hours, on holidays, during lunch breaks and after dinner. If you believe you have a sidewalk accident story to tell, contact an attorney immediately.


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How do Sidewalk Accident lawsuits work?

Are you a pedestrian who was hit by a motor vehicle in New York City and you are wondering, how do you get sued for a sidewalk accident? You should never have to worry about this ever happening to you again. New York City has laws that will help you fight off these types of lawsuits. They are called the Stop and Go Laws.

These laws were enacted in New York City to help prevent any pedestrian from being injured or harmed due to unsafe traffic conditions on the sidewalks. Pedestrians and drivers alike are not protected when there is an accident. This is why there is so much need for traffic lawyers. Traffic lawyers are experts at helping out pedestrians that have been hit by vehicles and then suffer the consequences of being wrongfully charged with a pedestrian lawsuit.

There are many different types of pedestrian accident cases that can be filed in court, and the type of lawyers that handle these cases vary. A DUI, for example, requires a professional to seek representation from an experienced criminal defense attorney to ensure that the best defense strategy is pursued. In instances where there has been excessive force used against the defendant, an attorney specializing in traffic law cases will be the most successful.

As with any legal matter, it is important to hire an attorney who will stand by your side throughout the process. If you are charged with a drunk driving offense, or another type of criminal defense matter, you will want an attorney who will work tirelessly to prove your innocence and to protect your rights.

You may want to consider an attorney who has handled such cases in the past, and who can tell you about successful cases they have worked on in the past. If you have any doubts about which attorney you should hire, you can ask potential attorneys for references and see how well they treat clients.

If you do not have many choices when it comes to choosing a criminal defense lawyer, there are things that you can do to narrow your options. The first thing to do is to meet with several lawyers to discuss prices and services. You will want to get an idea of the level of service that you can expect from each lawyer before you make a final decision on who you will work with. If you feel comfortable with the criminal defense lawyer that you meet with, you may want to hire that person for your case.


Why hire a Sidewalk Accident lawyer?

The question of why you should hire Sidewalk Accidents Lawyers has to do with what the law firm is capable of doing for you. There are several firms in New York City that specialize in this area of personal injury and it would be best to hire one that offers personal injury protection.

Most people who have accidents on the street don’t report them because they don’t think that they will be taken care of. However, if they do make reports, they usually get taken care of by an experienced accident lawyer. An experienced personal injury lawyer has had experience in handling cases that fall under this particular category because he or she know the legal ins and outs of how to proceed in these types of cases.

It’s unfortunate that many people who are involved in some type of accident simply try to ignore it. This is often due to embarrassment. However, in order to ensure that the least amount of damage occurs to one’s property and personal health, people should always seek out a lawyer.

In the unfortunate event of having an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence, a personal injury lawyer will ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. As a responsible member of society, people must take responsibility for their actions and the consequences thereof, therefore it is crucial that they select a reputable personal injury lawyer to represent them in court.

A personal injury lawyer will ensure that their client receives the highest level of compensation possible. Because personal injury claims are a lot like lawsuits, it is not uncommon for personal injury lawyers to be offered a contingency fee, which means that the lawyer will take care of all legal fees except for the actual award, if any. This is a common practice for those who are filing personal injury claims.

Attorneys do not get paid unless their clients win their claim, so they are eager to find a client that is going to be successful. To do some research. Find out how long the lawyer has been practicing in the field. Check with the Bar Association for lawyers in your state to see if there have been any complaints against the lawyer and if he is under any disciplinary action. Above all, choose an attorney you can trust will fight for your rights and have your best interests at heart.


How Do I Choose the Best Sidewalk Accident Lawyer in New York?

Are you a pedestrian in New York City who was involved in an accident and were not injured? Or are you a driver who was involved in an accident and were not the one at fault? If so, then you know what a hard and painful recovery is to go through. A Sidewalk Accident Lawyer can help you. Let’s look at the laws that apply in this case.

The “pedestrians within the street” law is a part of the comprehensive pedestrian safety act that took effect in December 2020. It makes it illegal for any vehicle to turn in front of a pedestrian who is walking or attempting to cross the road in a sidewalk.

If a driver fails to give pedestrians enough space, including turning into the road, they are guilty of negligent manslaughter. This law applies to all drivers, not just those licensed to drive in Washington State.

In the state of Wisconsin, it is illegal to operate a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol. Motorcycles are also considered dangerous vehicles when they are involved in an accident. Because motorcycles cannot be stopped quickly or stopped at the side of the road, they present a hazard to other drivers.

Driving a motorcycle is simply more dangerous than driving a car or truck, and even a safe vehicle can quickly become uncontrollable under the influence. A person who is found driving a motorcycle while intoxicated can face serious consequences.

Motorcycles are generally not equipped with seat belts, so the operator is not properly restrained in an accident. If the motorcyclist was wearing a seat belt, the risk of being thrown off of the bike is slim. A motorcyclist can be thrown off of their bike in as little as two seconds. If an operator’s seat belt is not available, a motorcycle safety course must be taken and the operator must be educated on how to properly operate a motorcycle.

Alcohol is known to be an impairing substance. It may not impair a motorcyclist’s judgment. However, alcohol interferes with a motorcyclist’s ability to remain balanced and may cause them to lose control of their vehicle. At the very least, it will likely cause an inexperienced motorcyclist to lose control of their bike and cause an accident.

The effect that alcohol has on a motorcyclist’s judgment should be enough to bar them from purchasing a motorbike and drive on the public highways. Unfortunately, this is where most states fail to protect motorcyclists from the danger of impaired driving.

Drunk driving is defined as operating a vehicle when the driver is clearly under the influence of alcohol. While most states have a blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.08%, for motorists, this level of impairment is not enough to classify you as legally drunk. Depending on your state, you may be arrested and ticketed, given a citation, or both. Your vehicle can also be impounded, and you may even lose your license.

A motorcyclist must be prepared to deal with these kinds of situations. If you haven’t been trained in riding a motorcycle before, or aren’t comfortable with your skills, don’t try it without the proper training. Take your time, and be sure that you are always safe. If you are an inexperienced rider, look for someone who can help you. It can be very dangerous to ride alone.


What do Sidewalk Accidents lawyers do?

This is a question that many people ask their Sidewalk Accidents Lawyers when they are involved in an accident at work. Most of the time, these questions are about the specifics of personal injury cases and how they will be handled. However, people also wonder what type of injury they can expect to receive if they have been in a Sidewalk Accident. Below, we will give you a brief explanation about what Sidewalk Accidents Lawyers can do for you, as well as answers to other questions you might have.

Most people think that if they have been involved in a pedestrian accident on the sidewalk, that they are not likely to receive any type of monetary compensation. However, NYC has strict laws regarding the liability of drivers on sidewalks and crosswalks. If you have been seriously injured because of being hit by a driver on the sidewalk, it is important to contact experienced Sidewalk Accidents Lawyers immediately.

An experienced attorney will know exactly what to do in every situation to get you the compensation you deserve. It is also important to note that all drivers on the NYC sidewalks and crosswalks must take proper care when driving on the sidewalks. Failure to exercise due care results in misdemeanor charges and tickets for the negligent drivers.

The Sidewalk Accidents Lawyers will assist you in collecting any available evidence that can be used as a basis for pursuing a case against the liable party. If you decide that you want to move forward with pursuing a lawsuit, New York law firm will work hard to get your claim granted. A personal injury attorney will assess all facts surrounding your case, ask relevant questions from you and build your case with their team of committed experts.

Many people have been able to successfully receive compensation following an accident on the sidewalk. Your personal injury lawyer will be dedicated in ensuring that you receive the full compensation for your suffering, pain, and injuries caused by an irresponsible driver. An injured pedestrian does not have the same rights as those who are not injured. Pedestrians must follow all regulations and laws that are set in place to ensure their safety.

New York City’s sidewalks are set up to help pedestrians to move freely and with minimal risk. However, if a pedestrian is injured in a serious or unsafe condition, then that individual may be entitled to financial compensation for their injuries. To learn more about your rights and what you can do to protect yourself while walking in New York City, contact a personal injury attorney who has experience working in the legal field to ensure you receive the very best treatment possible.


We Handle All NYC Sidewalk Accident Cases?

Why do we handle all NYC Sidewalk Accident cases? What about Sidewalk Collision cases? If you get hit by a drunk driver, what is the next step? How do we proceed?

The first thing is to inform the police. In most cases, the driver at fault will be let go and you won’t be charged with a crime. But if it’s your word against his, you can expect a visit from your insurance adjuster. It may be wise to have an idea of what your premium would be. You can then shop around to see who can give you a better rate.

If there was an accident and it was your fault, you will likely be offered a settlement. If you accept it as is, then the company will try to recoup as much of its losses as possible. If you are found to be partially at fault, they will end up paying for some of the damage. On the other hand, if you can prove that you were partially at fault, you may get more at the settlement than you could have possibly gotten with the prior lawsuit.

Many personal injury attorneys will try to represent both sides of the story to ensure that they maximize their client’s settlement or jury award. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose an attorney that has handled cases similar to yours. Personal injury attorneys should be researched through contacting other clients for recommendations; looking up their experience and case outcomes; and checking with your state bar association for feedback on the quality of personal injury attorneys in your area.

In addition to selecting a personal injury attorney with sufficient experience and/or outstanding case outcomes, you will want to select an attorney who has demonstrated a commitment to providing uncompromised client support. Attorneys who are available for ongoing after-court support after a claim has been filed are preferable over those who are “out of the office,” as they tend to provide more personalized and attentive client care.

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  • $4,221,000 verdict for woman who was raped
  • $1,150,000 settlement for worker who sustained a spinal injury after falling off a U-Haul truck while painting ($1,000,000 insurance policy)
  • $750,000 settlement for passenger in motor vehicle accident who sustained injuries to her knee, shoulder and hip that required surgery
  • $325,000 settlement for woman who sustained burn injuries from a steam pipe in her bathroom
  • $240,000 verdict for passenger in motor vehicle accident that sustained a shoulder injury requiring surgery, neck and back herniations. Plaintiff had prior suit claiming permanent injury to same parts of her body
  • $100,000 verdict for driver in motor vehicle accident that sustained neck and back injuries whose treatment consisted of four months of physical therapy


  • $5,500,000 settlement during trial for parochial school students who were exposed to teacher with Tuberculosis
  • $4,000,000 settlement for construction worker who sustained bilateral ankle fractures requiring open reduction and internal fixation
  • $3,825,000 settlement for wife and children of September 11 World Trade Center victim whose remains were never recovered (pro bono representation)
  • $3,800,000 settlement in medical malpractice action for brain-damaged baby with cerebral palsy and seizures resulting from oxygen deprivation to and water on the brain at birth
  • $3,500,000 settlement for three sisters who were sexually abused by another foster child in the foster home after being placed in foster care by the city of New York
  • $2,400,000 settlement after trial and appeal for union electrician who sustained partial amputations to fingers on both hands when 800 pound spool of cable broke free while being lowered down stairs with make-shift rope pulley — expanded the coverage of Section 240(1) of the Labor Law to include “force of gravity on objects” in addition to falling worker/falling object cases
  • $2,225,000 settlement for pedestrian struck by motor vehicle resulting in 26-day coma, skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, numerous fractures and impaired cognitive and perceptive functions
  • $1,800,000 settlement for construction worker who fell from scaffold and fractured forearm and wrist requiring 3 surgeries and internal fixations
  • $1,700,000 settlement for construction worker who fell off ladder and required spinal surgery with internal fixation that failed
  • $1,450,000 settlement for construction worker who fell through unprotected skylight on roof sustaining arm and leg fractures
  • $1,240,000 settlement for 18- year old as the result of medical malpractice in failing to diagnose cancer
  • $1,000,000 settlement for construction worker who fell down debris-filled staircase at construction site with no handrail resulting in neck surgery, back and hip injuries
  • $1,000,000 settlement for passenger in motor vehicle that was rear-ended resulting in spinal surgery with fusion and internal fixation
  • $950,000 settlement for passenger on interstate bus involved in a collision resulting in traumatic brain injury
  • $875,000 settlement for children of mother who died as a result of failure to diagnose and treat Crohn’s Disease
  • $745,000 settlement for motorcyclist struck by NYPD vehicle resulting in hip and ankle fractures, both of which required open reduction and internal fixation
  • $700,000 settlement for pedestrian who slipped and fell on sidewalk that was not properly shoveled/treated after ice and snow storm resulting in severely comminuted and displaced right arm fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation and additional surgeries
  • $500,000 settlement for tenant of apartment building who tripped and fell while descending stairs that had just been mopped resulting in fractured left shoulder and multiple surgeries
  • $500,000 settlement for home healthcare worker who tripped and fell due to mis-leveled elevator resulting in closed head injury, impaired cognitive functions, neck, shoulder and back injuries
  • $390,000 settlement for passenger in Police Department van that ran red light and struck another vehicle resulting in injuries to neck, back and shoulder
  • $350,000 settlement for motorist who sustained injuries to neck, back and shoulder when tree fell on his vehicle
  • $275,000 settlement for pedestrian who tripped and fell on raised sidewalk flag resulting in tri-malleolar fracture of ankle requiring open reduction and internal fixation
  • $260,000 settlement for pedestrian who was thrown to the ground by unrestrained dog and sustained fracture to hip which required surgical pinning and fracture to spine
  • $250,000 settlement for commuter who tripped and fell on defective step on staircase in Penn Station resulting in multiple shoulder tears requiring surgical intervention and fractured rib
  • $240,000 settlement for pedestrian crossing street who was struck in crosswalk by turning bus resulting in crush injuries and fractures to her hand
  • $225,000 settlement for bystander who was assaulted by police officers and detained without being arrested who sustained injuries to his face, hand and legs