A death or birth injury of an infant deeply impacts a family. The immediate loss of a loved one can change the way people live with the memory always present. The emotional pain and suffering experienced as a result of the injury can last for years. The tragic consequences of not seeking legal recourse when harm is done are compounded when the negligent party is a celebrity or popular figure. When medical malpractice is discovered to have resulted in the accident, the negative feelings of grief and sadness can be so overwhelming.

A personal injury lawsuit is brought forth when someone has suffered an injury at the fault of another due to the actions of a medical professional or someone acting in concert with a medical professional. It is often difficult for individuals to recognize their rights under such circumstances and often fail to seek legal assistance. The birth injury lawyers nyc are advocate who will work to obtain the compensation they deserve. They will consult with individuals and their families but ultimately represent their client in court.

Medical malpractice often results in a lasting injury to an individual. When a baby is born in New York City, it is often not unusual for a hospital to provide intensive care. For those in labor, there may be a need for a doctor’s consultation before delivery. Although a doctor is responsible for providing medical attention to his or her patients, if that care is delayed while the patient is under anesthesia, a birth injury lawsuit is available.

Although New York State requires hospitals to remain at a certain standards, these standards are often disregarded in favor of saving money. Consequently, when individuals experience prolonged delays in receiving care after a surgery or trauma, they may suffer injuries. Birth injuries are often the result of long waits. Birth injuries can also occur when a doctor treats a patient without checking her condition, leaving her in potential danger of further complications.

If you are a victim of a New York City birth injury lawsuit, contact an experienced lawyer immediately. Each year, numerous individuals suffer injuries due to medical malpractice on the part of doctors and hospitals. Many of these cases are settled out of court, but it is important to consider the possibility of a legal battle. An experienced lawyer will fight for your rights in court and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation possible.

If you do decide to pursue a lawsuit, it is important to find reputable medical malpractice lawyers. Searching online will allow you to find qualified injury attorneys in New York City. You should not have any problem locating a lawyer with a great deal of experience in this field. When searching, be sure to check his or her background and ask about their success rate in securing compensation for their clients. If a lawyer is unsure of whether or not he or she has experience in dealing with medical records, it may be best to hire another lawyer.

Your lawyer should also examine the birthing process at the time that you were injured. Did the doctor follow all of the necessary procedures to prevent further injuries? Was the doctor following your particular medical chart correctly? Failure to keep records or fail to document doctor errors can lead to serious consequences if you win your lawsuit.

Another factor that will play a key role in your case is the extent of your injury. Different doctors may reach different conclusions regarding how much pain and suffering you endured. The degree of your injuries and your location will impact the scope of your case. For example, if you are a New York City resident, the doctors who treat you will be expected to adhere to the strict rules of New York City’s Tort Law. This means that doctors must strictly follow New York City statute and any interpretations of that statute by other doctors.

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Are you trying to determine if you are entitled to file a claim for benefits from your loved one’s birth injury? If so, you should know that New York has a very strict law regarding personal injury claims. Filing a wrongful death claim is a complex matter in New York. Therefore, it is advised that you seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in filing your claim.

If you or someone of your loved ones were injured as the result of another person’s negligence, then you may be able to recover damages from their behalf. You should note that the laws surrounding New York City and the laws of personal injury claims are different. Therefore, contacting reputable birth injuries lawyers NYC is a good idea. These personal injury lawyers will help you obtain the necessary settlements and monetary benefits that you may be entitled to.

New York City and the area in which you live to play a large role in the amount of cases that are presented to the courts. Therefore, if you suffer from injuries caused by another party’s negligence, you should definitely contact birth injuries lawyers nyc to represent you in court. Negligence can take many forms. In fact, a recent study showed that most accidents involving newborn babies were caused by either an error in a birth process or from a lack of attention given to proper safety procedures. As a result, these kinds of accidents often lead to lifelong medical conditions that affect you, your loved ones, and your finances.

A common cause of newborn bronchitis is because the mother forgot to change her medication and rely on the hospital’s supplies when giving birth. When this happens, air can escape from the lungs of the infant, causing damage to the esophagus. Birth injuries lawyers nyc can help you recover damages for this type of damage. Additionally, if you suffer from any type of lung injury during labor, you may also be able to collect compensation. The legal system doesn’t seem to mind allowing you to be compensated for pain and suffering, although you may not feel that way. After all, pain and suffering are often associated with some of the most traumatic experiences of a person’s life.

Sometimes a newborn can be seriously injured during labor. If a doctor or nurse fails to properly monitor the baby’s position while it is being delivered, there is a good chance that the child could become severely injured. Birth injuries lawyers nyc can help you with this kind of claim, as long as you can prove that negligence or improper procedure was responsible for the injury. Medical records can often provide proof if your medical records can’t, but sometimes the medical records are lost, destroyed, or altered.

If you were injured during the birthing process, you may be able to collect benefits for your medical negligence claim. New York laws state that any person giving medical care for an expectant mother must make sure that the care provided was done properly. Failure to properly detect and treat problems at conception could cause serious injury to the infant. So if you suffer a serious injury during the inducing labor process, you should contact an attorney who specializes in this area of law. An attorney may be able to prevent you from receiving only the benefits that you would have otherwise qualified to receive had you been able to bring up the matter with your doctor.

The New York State Tort Law also makes it possible for an injured person to collect damages from a medical professional who failed to diagnose and treat the injury. Often, an attorney who is experienced in these kinds of cases can get experienced birth injuries lawyers nyc to help get the best possible settlement offer. If you are unsure whether or not your lawyer has experience in handling these kinds of cases, you should ask to see records of past settlements. An experienced attorney will know whether or not he or she should take your case, so you need to do all you can to find one who will really fight on your behalf.

The New York State Tort Law also gives birth injuries lawyers nyc another tool with which to fight for their clients. This law firm has a track record of obtaining large settlements from health care providers. If your health-care provider refused to pay for treatments that you needed, or your newborn may result in lifelong disabilities, you might be able to use the laws of New York State to take care of the problem. Experienced birth injuries lawyers nyc can help you collect damages from a health care provider that refused to provide you with the care you needed.

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  • $5,500,000 settlement during trial for parochial school students who were exposed to teacher with Tuberculosis
  • $4,000,000 settlement for construction worker who sustained bilateral ankle fractures requiring open reduction and internal fixation
  • $3,825,000 settlement for wife and children of September 11 World Trade Center victim whose remains were never recovered (pro bono representation)
  • $3,800,000 settlement in medical malpractice action for brain-damaged baby with cerebral palsy and seizures resulting from oxygen deprivation to and water on the brain at birth
  • $3,500,000 settlement for three sisters who were sexually abused by another foster child in the foster home after being placed in foster care by the city of New York
  • $2,400,000 settlement after trial and appeal for union electrician who sustained partial amputations to fingers on both hands when 800 pound spool of cable broke free while being lowered down stairs with make-shift rope pulley — expanded the coverage of Section 240(1) of the Labor Law to include “force of gravity on objects” in addition to falling worker/falling object cases
  • $2,225,000 settlement for pedestrian struck by motor vehicle resulting in 26-day coma, skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, numerous fractures and impaired cognitive and perceptive functions
  • $1,800,000 settlement for construction worker who fell from scaffold and fractured forearm and wrist requiring 3 surgeries and internal fixations
  • $1,700,000 settlement for construction worker who fell off ladder and required spinal surgery with internal fixation that failed
  • $1,450,000 settlement for construction worker who fell through unprotected skylight on roof sustaining arm and leg fractures
  • $1,240,000 settlement for 18- year old as the result of medical malpractice in failing to diagnose cancer
  • $1,000,000 settlement for construction worker who fell down debris-filled staircase at construction site with no handrail resulting in neck surgery, back and hip injuries
  • $1,000,000 settlement for passenger in motor vehicle that was rear-ended resulting in spinal surgery with fusion and internal fixation
  • $950,000 settlement for passenger on interstate bus involved in a collision resulting in traumatic brain injury
  • $875,000 settlement for children of mother who died as a result of failure to diagnose and treat Crohn’s Disease 
  • $745,000 settlement for motorcyclist struck by NYPD vehicle resulting in hip and ankle fractures, both of which required open reduction and internal fixation 
  • $700,000 settlement for pedestrian who slipped and fell on sidewalk that was not properly shoveled/treated after ice and snow storm resulting in severely comminuted and displaced right arm fracture requiring open reduction and internal fixation and additional surgeries 
  • $500,000 settlement for tenant of apartment building who tripped and fell while descending stairs that had just been mopped resulting in fractured left shoulder and multiple surgeries
  • $500,000 settlement for home healthcare worker who tripped and fell due to mis-leveled elevator resulting in closed head injury, impaired cognitive functions, neck, shoulder and back injuries 
  • $390,000 settlement for passenger in Police Department van that ran red light and struck another vehicle resulting in injuries to neck, back and shoulder 
  • $350,000 settlement for motorist who sustained injuries to neck, back and shoulder when tree fell on his vehicle 
  • $275,000 settlement for pedestrian who tripped and fell on raised sidewalk flag resulting in tri-malleolar fracture of ankle requiring open reduction and internal fixation 
  • $260,000 settlement for pedestrian who was thrown to the ground by unrestrained dog and sustained fracture to hip which required surgical pinning and fracture to spine 
  • $250,000 settlement for commuter who tripped and fell on defective step on staircase in Penn Station resulting in multiple shoulder tears requiring surgical intervention and fractured rib 
  • $240,000 settlement for pedestrian crossing street who was struck in crosswalk by turning bus resulting in crush injuries and fractures to her hand 
  • $225,000 settlement for bystander who was assaulted by police officers and detained without being arrested who sustained injuries to his face, hand and legs